Terms & Conditions


Split Sandstone items such as Ballast and Flagging are our stock items and are almost always available for immediate sale. Other Sandstone items that are required to be custom cut such as Sawn Blocks, Quarry Sawn Logs and Sawn Capping are processed within 10 days of ordering and most the time quicker depending on the size of the order. Arrangements on orders can easily be sorted via phone communication as well as email. Colour variations do occur with sandstone at times so if it is a specific colour tone that you prefer then it is always best contact our office again either via phone or email.

When delivering products to site we take no responsibility after truck leaves kerb and this includes damage, theft and loss of goods. If the driver is directed from the buyer to use private or public property whilst delivering goods then the responsibility of the property is with the buyer. The driver is to use their discretion as to if, when and where it is safe to unload truck and shall not be persuaded otherwise.

Time and care should be taken when choosing sandstone items to purchase as we have a no return and no refund policy unless there has been an obvious error in the order or defect of product on our behalf.

Many bulk orders will require more than one delivery for the order which will incur additional delivery fees.


BMLS will provide a refund only if there is an obvious defect in the product or if it is not the product that was agreed on. Acknowledge that sandstone colour changes through the quarry at any time and colours requested from buyer can only be matched in accordance with the best abilities of the BMLS team.

Please choose carefully as once a bulk order is delivered it will incur extra costs to remove from site if wrong item is chosen. BMLS office staff are on hand to communicate through the process of all orders.