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We stand apart from other companies for the fact that we are an all in one Landscaping Service. We are major suppliers of Sandstone products and landscaping materials, and engage ourselves in the installations of these products with a widely experienced team that has worked closely together for over 30 years.

No two clients are ever the same so we like to get all the ideas and preferences of what people want to express in their landscape, and come up with an ideal plan to achieve these goals.

We specialize in very affordable Sandstone installations for large and small scale work. There are so many different styles and patterns of sandstone for Walling or Paving requirements. It can be a smooth sawn finish or a textured split face finish. A wide variety of stone colours are offered from our quarry and the end result can be formal and current with the trend or it can be more of a traditional design for a natural and laid back look.

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Tim Martin

Sandstone Products

We provide many types of stone finishes depending on what the client requires for their job. From your classic hand split stone which includes flagging and ballast blocks, to more modern style sawn stone for capping and sawn blocks.

Stone logs have become very popular as they can be build retaining walls with minimum fuss by machine. Stone Logs come in varied sizes and grades depending on the job but 1m long X 50cm high X 50cm deep seems to be a popular choice.

Random boulders are also available for less formal style retaining walls.
Stepping stones and Pier caps can be cut to size and all products come in various colours.

Sandstone Installations

One of the great benefits and pleasures of producing our own stone is that we can not only bring it to the project address for the client, but we can manually do the installation works also with our team of stonemasons, landscapers, machinery and landscaping materials.

Whether it be residential or commercial projects or heritage and restorations, we have the experience and know how to get the job done.

Retaining and Freestanding Walls

All styles and finishes

  • Restoration
  • Entrances
  • Paving
  • Driveways & Paths
  • Steps
  • Edging
  • Capping for Walls and Piers

The Supply and Installation of Sandstone products from our own quarry is our specialty, however, we also offer a wide range of Landscaping products including high quality garden soil mixes and turf underlay or turf top dressing mixes. We have a landscaping team which includes qualified tradesmen in hardscape construction, as well as a certified horticulturist for all softscape projects.

Apart from our specialist stone masonry work, we can do start to finish landscaping work including the following :

Excavation, Retaining Walls, Paving, Planting , Turf, Drainage, Maintenance and Garden features.

Billyard Homes Pty Ltd has been employing Brian Martin Landscape Supplies P/L for many years.  We have always found their work to be of a very high standard, they employ excellent stonemasons which always gives us a quality finish.

They have innovating ideas in their planning system and their pricing has always been competitive.

Arthur Billyard, Billyard Homes Pty Ltd

Brian Martin Landscape and Sydney Sandstone Supplies

Supply and installation of quality sandstone products from our own quarry