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It was back in 1972 when Brian Martin registered his Sandstone business following 12 years working for his father, Peter Martin’s business (Martin Bros. Transport) being general carriers and stone suppliers. Peter himself, had inherited the business from his father Ernest Martin, who started the chain way back in 1896 which means the Sandstone and Landscape Supplies has been rolling along for over 120 years.

As far as quarrying sandstone goes, things have changed enormously over the years, with modern day machinery chewing through most of the hard work these days. This replaces the old school methods of drilling deep holes on a stone ledge top and using explosives to blast out stone boulders. Hand labour now is all about the finishing touches, and bobcats and other types of loaders feed trucks with materials ready for delivery.

Brian Martin


Brian Martin Landscape and Sydney Sandstone Supplies

Supply and installation of quality sandstone products from our own quarry